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michael kors jet set medium tote

michael kors jet set medium tote is the best seller in our michael kors store. The second thing any Cubs fan will be hot to trot about is their "legacy and history". For whatever reason, it's romantic to go to the North Side and drink beer with rich white people and watch crappy baseball. It's a great way to feel like the common man, even though you paid $80 for a bleacher ticket. Yes, the Cubs were one of the country's first organized baseball teams, and yes, Wrigley Field is historic. Problem is, it is also falling apart. Go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field and look above you. You will see giant nets stretching across the entire top of the stands. These are here not because Wrigley Field has a Joe's Crab Shack all you can eat seafood buffet every Sunday afternoon. No, they are there to PROTECT FANS FROM PIECES OF THE STADIUM FALLING ON THEM. Yes, Wrigley field is literally falling apart. There is a difference between something being historical and something being a piece of shit. In the Cubs case, they are both. Yes, for most Cubs fans, michael kors bedford satchel mocha overpriced beer and a dilapidated stadium are apparently the michael michael kors handbag, bedford ostrich tote for sale big draw here. Pictured: The most expensive michael kors pencil case seats in baseball After reading the above prose, one would probably think "Well, tickets have to be affordable, the team sucks and the stadium is falling michael kors black carryall bag with zipper aprt." While this would seem to be a logical thought progression, in 2010 the Cubs have the highest ticket prices in baseball. Higher than the Yankees! Yes, a team that just built a new stadium, has more world series michael kors jet set aqua wins than most MLB teams combined, and resides in a larger market has LOWER ticket prices than a team who has constantly failed for over a century. This fact alone speaks volumes about the intelligence of Cubs fans. They willingly pay more money to watch their team fail. Every year. See that pain? That means they're better fans than you. Cheap Michael Kors Perforated Large Blue Totes Cheap Michael Kors Kiki Large Black Totes Cheap Michael Kors Perforated Chain Large Orange Totes michael kors quilted bag michael kors bag orange macbook air 11 michael kors
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