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michael kors purse gold with tassel is the best seller in our michael kors store. Introduce the different types of trees found in nature to the students in your class. Ask the students what types of trees they have in their backyard or neighborhood. If students have been on vacation or come from different parts of the world, ask them to describe the types of trees that they have seen elsewhere. Break up the students into groups and take them outside, assigning each group a specific tree to study. Guide the students along by asking them to michael kors bedford satchel describe the characteristics of the tree, type and color of the leaves and anything else they can observe from looking at the tree. Provide a crayon and paper to each group and have the students do a tree rubbing. Once the observation is finished, have each student draw the tree, name the tree and write his observations to present to the class as a group. Break your class into groups and provide a list of items along with a bag or box for storing the items. Take the students outside on a nice day and allow enough michael michael kors jet set small travel tote brown time for them to try and find the items on the list. Items can include something soft, beautiful, red and natural, or something that makes noise. Explain to the students that they must respect nature while finding these items and not to disturb any animals in the process. Once the hunt has ended, bring the students back inside and have each group michael kors extra large bedford bowling satchel nude share the items they found. Encourage students to participate in a waste free lunch week during Earth day activities. Send home fliers asking parents to help by sending student lunches to school in re usable containers and lunch bags instead of paper or plastic bags. Involve the school cafeteria by using metal spoons instead of plastic disposable spoons, and cloth napkins instead of paper. The week prior to waste micheal kors handbag shop in ahmedabad free lunch week, collect all the trash from students' lunches in michael michael kors handbag, fulton large top zip satchel one trash can and weigh the can each day. Record the weight and do the same each day during waste free lunch week. Compare the weight from both weeks once the project is done. Discuss ways to keep up the waste free lunches by continuing to use those re usable containers. Research local businesses in your area and gather enough information to present each business and its effects on the environment to the students. As a class, discuss each business and ways they are affecting the environment. Write letters together to each business with ideas and suggestions of how they can change the way they work or manufacture to better fit the environment. If the business is doing all it can, write a letter thanking them for having a green business. Mail each letter to the business and monitor any responses received. Cheap Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Top zip Medium Black Totes Cheap Michael Kors Hamilton Logo Small Vanilla Totes Cheap Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Travel Medium Red Totes mk outlet store online michael kors tasche jet dark khaki micheal koors red tote 3 piece set
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