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micheal kors ostrichskin large gray satchel is the best seller in our michael kors store. foursquare: I expect this to be the big one this year. Yes, we all are checking in at the San Diego Convention Center, but I bet there will be plenty of booths that will want you to check in with them. Why check in at all? It will probably unlock secret codes that get you swag or discounts.?Comic Con Survival Guide 2009 Last year was my first year attending this monster event. I had grown tired of watching the event of G4 and reading about it here on Mania. It really is Christmas, Hanukah and Nerdvana rolled into one. Where else can you see A list celebrities and directors pitch their films to you that will be arriving over the next year and half? Where else can you get a preview of everything that will happen next in the world of comics? Where is the one place that you, a loyal member of the Geek culture, can reign supreme? Sure there are plenty of conventions through out the year but trust me when I say nothing else comes close to San Diego. I wasn nearly prepared michael kors bedford bowling satchel mocha ostrich for all that went down last year in San Diego. Thankfully I had a few friends, real pros, that helped me out. Unfortunately for me I have yet to experience the Con as an attendee. You might think the press really has the golden ticket but more often than not, no nothing security guards despise us more than anything. All I am trying to do is bring michael kors jet set travel tote navy the convention to those that cannot attend. That gripe is for another day. michael kors jet set aqua The following is my convention survival guide and a little thing I like to call Comic Con Karma. There is that old michael kors black signature tote saying that the best way to make God laugh is to make a plan. This is a great place to start in surviving the SDCC. The schedules have long been posted for each day events (see official site). The best thing to remember is that these events can change at a moments notice. Last year two huge snags screwed up the first days events programming. The first happened in hall H (we get to more on hall H next). While waiting for the events to get rolling a huge tapestry fell in hall H. While I was way up in the front, safely locked into the press cage, a fellow journalist was on his way in and had a tapestry support beam land on mchael kors original satchel logo monogram black purse sale his head. This pushed the days events back over an hour. So if you were trying to see Keanu Reeves and The Day the Earth Stood Still (2009) then jet off to see something else, you had to make a decision on what is more important. To bad hindsight couldn play a part in that. The other big problem for many of the convention goers and panelists was that a huge tractor trailer truck turned over and caught fire on the highway. Imagine that you are on your way to Nerdvana and a flaming meat truck is all that is keeping you from paradise. So be prepared. Not everything is going to work out the way you or the SDCC planners expect it. Get there early and plan on a fall back event. The best way to be prepared is to pick up the SDCC on site newsletter. Consider it like picking up the daily paper. The newsletter is the best way to see all the changes and plan accordingly. It seats approximately, 6,500 people. It is fully equipped with all the latest technology. Seas of people go in and out of hall H at Comic Con, but will you be one of them? People line up for hall H as if they are going to buy tickets for a concert. There are some with sleeping bags and pillows who will spend all day there (be warned of the New Moon Twilight fans taking up a lot of space). Unfortunately your best plan is to try and get in early for something at hall H. If you want to get all the latest on James Cameron Avatar my suggestion is to get there early, maybe even three or four panels early. There is always plenty of down time to shop the floor but to witness what promises to be an historic film changing event there should really be no decision. Cheap Michael Kors Stud Quilted Large Pink Totes Cheap Michael Kors Monogram Mirror Metallic Signature Large Blue Totes Cheap Michael Kors Hamilton Medium Brown Totes michael kors clutch saffiano michael kors knockoff straw shopper handbags michael kors hamilton alligator 35foghmt3l
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