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michael kors jet set medium shoulder tote

michael kors jet set medium shoulder tote is the best seller in our michael kors store. In any other city, in any other sport, a team as futile as the Cubs would be considered failures, and would struggle to hit the 50% attendance mark at every home game. It's only logical. If your team is awful and has been awful for 100 years, you would stop supporting them. Yet, somehow, someway, the Cubs sell out almost all of their games without any problem at all. There are plenty of teams who have had long stretches of futility. Pretty much every team goes through a dry spell. The difference between most teams and the Cubs is their fans. If you ask a Detroit Lions fan how the team is going to do next year, they would probably exhale deeply and glumly say, "Hopefully we get 5 wins next year." Here lies the difference between normal fans and Cubs fans. Every year, Cubs fans delude themselves into thinking, "This is it, this is the year, we are going all the way, baby!" It is almost like a cult. It doesn't matter if they are coming off a 100 win season or a 45 win season, the outlook is always the same. It won't be long before they qualify for tax exempt religion status and commit a mass suicide in Buckingham Fountain(hopefully). One would think that a fan base as dedicated as this would be walking almanacs of baseball and team history. Bafflingly enough, this isn't the case at all. In fact, call one of your friends who is a Cubs fan right now. Go ahead, I'll wait. (waiting) Ok, got him on the phone? Ask him who their starting Center Fielder is. (waiting) He said Sammy Sosa didn't he? See, Cubs fans, despite worshipping a team whose only legacy is a goat, an antisocial super fan (Steve Bartman), and a legacy of routinely crapping their pants in the postseason, simply don't know much about the team or the sport they claim to love so much. So why are they so clueless about everything that is baseball? Because they don't need to care. Wrigleyville is an amazing neighborhood with numerous bars and endless amounts of attractive women. If you bring up any of these facts listed above to a Cubs fan, michael michael kors large bedford bowl satchel his first response will michael kors satchel nude be "Have you ever been to Wrigleyville? Dude, the bar scene is so awesome." Yes, there are quite a few bars in the surrounding neighborhoods. And yes, there are generally a good deal of young attractive women there. However, if you're idea of michael kors hamilton saffiano n/s tote zinnia a fun time is waiting 20 minutes for a $6 bottle of domestic beer while being surrounded by some of the douchiest people in the city, then, well, you're michael kors margo satchel vanilla a Cubs fan, and you probably fit right in. Nothing says "Fun" more than waiting 20 minutes for a beer Cheap Michael Kors Jet Set Mirror Metallic Large Pink Totes Cheap Michael Kors Monogram Mirror Metallic Signature Large Red Totes Cheap Michael Kors Logo Signature Large Purple Totes michael kors black carryall bag with zipper michael kors handbag harper medium black replica michael kors fulton purse
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